Library of the Mind

My Uncle Cy has a plethora of knowledge. He's got a fantastic taste for literature, evidenced by a wide range of books spanning from classic novellas, to quintessential American writing, and beyond. Every conversation we enjoy together is catalyzed by his wealth of wisdom. Not only does he know a thing or two, but he also possesses some mad handball skills. And this isn't your everyday tiddlywinks handball league.

Over Spring Break 2012, I visited some colleges up in the Bay Area. My Aunt and Uncle happens to live up there, so I got to stay with them for a few days, which I always really enjoy. 

During my stay, I wanted to capture one of his 2 libraries in an image that implies a sense of reverence. I got my image by using my wide-angle lens and holding the camera up against the ceiling. With live-view mode I was able to frame the image correctly, and thanks to the Canon 7D's insane ISO, I was able to expose properly. And voilĂ ! 


All Things Vintage

     I have a fetish for all things vintage. There is just something about vinyl, film/analog cameras, tapes, and ghetto blasters that really blow my mind. They're all so neglected nowadays.

     Recently, however, I've been stoked to see records, film cameras, etc. coming back into style! Slowly but surely. Maybe the "next best thing" isn't always as great as the last best thing. Vinyl records are way better than CD's, at least in my opinion. Similarly, film cameras have capabilities and unique qualities that exceed those of modern DSLR's.

     The problem is that the majority of people want instant gratification, and don't want to wait for their film to be processed in the lab. In economics they call this condition subjective time preference rate, which basically says that someone with a high time preference rate wants things immediately. I feel like our culture is flying through each day much too quickly. However, I am not advocating that we revolt against the fast-paced lifestyles that we as 21st century humans lead. If we were to try to change the system, Social Darwinism (Survival of the fittest) would catch up to us, and we'd be screwed.

     All of that to say that this photo is of me wrapped in a cassette tape that I found on the beach a while ago. :)


People's Passions

Everyone has things which inspire them; part of human nature is the need for sustenance. Some of the things I am passionate about include my Christian faith, my education, music, and photography. What are you sustained by?


Mystery Baller

Funny how quickly we change, us humans. One day we follow a certain dogma and the next day we have adapted to a new philosophy. I find this true in my own life even when I look back just a couple years.

Back in 8th grade, I was so wholly committed to basketball, and I loved game time with every fiber of my being. Every day I would spend hours upon hours improving my skills and perfecting my 3-point shots. Basketball was my passion.

Now I am a Junior in high-school. I think I have a basketball floating somewhere around my house (probably flat). Every now and then I will play a pick-up game with friends. My present priorities sharply contrast with those which used to determine my day-to-day life. I say this in neither a negative nor a necessarily positive tone. I am simply stating the facts. Musing, you may call it. Perhaps I am just avoiding studying for my tests tomorrow...

I am unsure what will happen in the future, as I'm sure you are, too. Regardless, I know that my future is in God's hands and all I can strive to do is live in the moment, giving back to God all of the glory which He so deserves.

- L3N5@RT1ST



 I've had my external flash for almost a couple years now. For the most part, I have just used it for studio work, and for shooting events (Weddings, dances, etc.).

Recently, I've been looking at all kinds of interesting and extremely creative flash photography. I am starting to fall in love with it. Like to the point where I might only take photos with my flash. There is something uniquely creative about having a portable and off-camera flash that you can put anywhere. One photographer who uses flash in a very creative (Yet somewhat dark manner) is Luca Pierro. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sottounponte/

Although the above shots are more dark and pessimistic than all of my other work, I still am drawn to it. I've talked before about duel nature, and how everyone has a good side and a dark side. Being a Christian, I won't delve much further into this sort of creepy photography, but I like the concept behind these images.


We're Going to Be Friends

Do you have a friend who is so close to you, that sometimes you feel like (s)he is your long lost brother/sister? That's how things are with me and that guy in the gray shirt. 

Taken in Solvang, CA. 

The Diviners

The night before the performance, weary actors run through the play, scene after scene, just "one more time" to deal with any kinks. I was truly impressed by the quantity of lines the actors/actresses had adopted, word for word, intonation for intonation. 

Here, Buddy Layman nestles under a blanket, fearful of the "rain." His fear of water came into existence when his mother drowned. Ever since then, Buddy has been terrified of water, even bathing. Eventually, he gets so dirty that he needs to face his phobia and immerse himself in water.


Blue & Yellow

 The unification of colors in the images above portray the bond these two birds at the Santa Barbara Zoo seemed to share. Sometimes I feel like we as humans could learn a thing or two from animals and their behaviors.