Library of the Mind

My Uncle Cy has a plethora of knowledge. He's got a fantastic taste for literature, evidenced by a wide range of books spanning from classic novellas, to quintessential American writing, and beyond. Every conversation we enjoy together is catalyzed by his wealth of wisdom. Not only does he know a thing or two, but he also possesses some mad handball skills. And this isn't your everyday tiddlywinks handball league.

Over Spring Break 2012, I visited some colleges up in the Bay Area. My Aunt and Uncle happens to live up there, so I got to stay with them for a few days, which I always really enjoy. 

During my stay, I wanted to capture one of his 2 libraries in an image that implies a sense of reverence. I got my image by using my wide-angle lens and holding the camera up against the ceiling. With live-view mode I was able to frame the image correctly, and thanks to the Canon 7D's insane ISO, I was able to expose properly. And voilĂ ! 

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