All Things Vintage

     I have a fetish for all things vintage. There is just something about vinyl, film/analog cameras, tapes, and ghetto blasters that really blow my mind. They're all so neglected nowadays.

     Recently, however, I've been stoked to see records, film cameras, etc. coming back into style! Slowly but surely. Maybe the "next best thing" isn't always as great as the last best thing. Vinyl records are way better than CD's, at least in my opinion. Similarly, film cameras have capabilities and unique qualities that exceed those of modern DSLR's.

     The problem is that the majority of people want instant gratification, and don't want to wait for their film to be processed in the lab. In economics they call this condition subjective time preference rate, which basically says that someone with a high time preference rate wants things immediately. I feel like our culture is flying through each day much too quickly. However, I am not advocating that we revolt against the fast-paced lifestyles that we as 21st century humans lead. If we were to try to change the system, Social Darwinism (Survival of the fittest) would catch up to us, and we'd be screwed.

     All of that to say that this photo is of me wrapped in a cassette tape that I found on the beach a while ago. :)

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