Urban Overcast

Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall is truly magnificent. This creation is just one of his fingerprints that he has graced us with. The majority of photos I took of this vivacious piece of architecture were solely focused on the building itself. What I like about this particular image over all of the others I took is this one gives the viewer context of the location of this concert hall; amidst dreadfully dull buildings, this unique masterpiece graces its surroundings with an unearthly presence.

Time's Toll

I composed this image in Pleasanton, CA. As I was driving amidst the rolling green hills, and antique tress wrapped in veils of moss, this particular barn caught my eye. Most material things become unattractive and unsightly with time; however, there is just a small handful of things which acquire more beauty as they age (For example, this barn).


Folklore Galore

Often times when I am photographing a live concert, I try to mirror the sound which the band is producing through my images, in hopes of giving the viewer of my images a taste of what the performance was like. Here I tried to create a climactic, yet playful photo to mimic the vivaciously individualistic group. In this photograph, a Santa Barbara-based band called Finger Folk electrifies the crowd with one of their most popular songs.

Ethereal Entity

One afternoon after school, I felt inspired to create a surrealistic image (I had been looking at surrealistic artwork prior to this photo being taken). I closed all of the blinds in my room, shut my door, and turned off all my lights. Now that I had my personal chamber of photographic exploration, I experimented with several different kinds of materials until I finally found the right one (wax paper). I took about 130 images, and this image attracted my attention  with its ethereal mood.


Season Treason

Have we forgotten the true Reason we celebrate Christmas?

The Biltmore Hotel lobby embellished in lights.

Two by Two

While staying at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA earlier this December, one of the employees told me how to get on the roof of this 12-story hotel. This certain door down the hallway, he told me, was the only door with roof access that would not set off the alarm. As I took my first steps on the roof, I looked down and saw these businessmen rushing off to work. Amidst the relentless chaos, I framed a relatively harmonious image via precise placement of my subjects.