There is something about the stars (and space in general) that fascinate me. Sometimes I will go outside late at night (midnight even) and just stare at the stars while my camera's shutter is also absorbing the beauty. Try it sometime.



This past weekend I finished creating a hardcover photo-book titled Trees. This 20-page coffee-table book contains some very evocative & emotion-filled images that I've created in the last couple years. After all, emotions are what we feed off of, in a sense; emotions are at the heart of what it means to be a person. It's what distinguishes us from machines of all sorts.
I am very excited to get my photo book in the mail any day now! This will be my second photo book. Here's a couple images that are in the book...

P.S. - here's the website that I used to make my photo book: http://www.photobin.com/ (Not nearly as good as blurb.com , in my opinion at least. But hey, maybe some of you out there will try it out and enjoy the site more than I did!). Also, if you'd like to grab a copy, just shoot me an email @ daviddobreski@yahoo.com.



The performing arts program at my school is putting on a play soon, so I coordinated with the director the logistics of photographing the rehearsals and such. The director also told my best friend that he could also photograph it. So far, the director has had my friend do the photo-shoot(s) for the play, and I've been pretty bummed about that. So after school one day, I grabbed my camera & drove my scooter to the skate-park to take pictures, in hopes of reaffirming my skills as a photographer (in my own mind, at least). This image did just that.

"The Shadow Proves the Sunshine" -Switchfoot

I took this image at the end of a really long week. I had several tests, and in my Humanities class we're reading The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, at a really fast pace.

On another note, if you know anything about this book, you know that the characters are all cheating on their spouses, and backstabbing their friends. To me, this image represents the duel nature of humans. The dark side is portrayed through the shadows, while the light side (or good side) is represented by the objects creating the shadows. Often times people only reveal the good part of them, and tend to cover up their evil side. I believe everyone has part of them that wants to do good, and part of them that wants to rebel. 


Lights. Camera. ______.

I would rather not say how I created this image. A magician can't reveal his tricks!
However, I will say that it is straight from my camera (aside from a small tweak of white balance in post-processing).


An eager customer awaits his late-night treat.
I shot this photo on a missions trip to Antalya, Turkey a couple summers ago (The summer of 2010). As I was walking along the luminescent yellow pyramid of corn caught my eye, and I composed this shot in about a second or so. I was pleased with the anticipation portrayed through the customer, and the innocent simplicity of the vendor. 



          The times nature has had its greatest impacts on me is usually when I am alone, in peaceful quietude, and pure bliss. One experience that juts out in my mind whenever I think of nature's grandeur is a saturated and humbling experience I had while surfing at Butterfly Beach in Montecito. It was twilight, the last array of colors were lingering in the darkening sky, and the smell of oceanic pleasures aromatized me. Every second the sky and the sea were metamorphosing into unique colors ranging from cantaloupe-like orange hues, and eventually transitioning to the deepest shades of purple. 



Paragliders are duel-natured in a sense. As graceful as they are in the air, drifting along with the current of the wind, their landing is something quite different. While not quite as bad as falling out of the sky, paragliders plummet to the ground; when the person in the image above landed, he fell flat on his butt, causing his butt to suffer the full impact of the descent.