Starry Night

To create this shot, I opened the moon-roof of my Lexus, and placed my tripod-mounted Canon 7D on the roof. Then I fired off an exposure of 1209 seconds. By-passing cars provided the fill-light for the foliage in the photo.



    I believe that everyone who has discovered their passion should intentionally use their gift to benefit society.  Whether "society" means to this person a surrounding neighborhood or a chess club that they are involved in,    it is his responsibility to get out there and bring his gift into the light.

     The talent that God has bestowed upon me is the craft of photography. I love the whole experience. I am blessed to have this gift, which is why I started a non-profit business, called Photographers for Non-Profits.


Embellished Essence

Turkish goods are often embellished with extravagant designs, whether on plates or on rugs. When I saw this scene, I felt that it captured the essence of Turkish markets. 

Outside the Box

When we think of the definition of a camera, most people would picture their point-and-shoot that they bring on their vacations to Hawaii.

Simply put, a camera is a device that records a moment of time. With that in mind, a number of alternative devices fit this definition. A roll of film in a box with a pinhole is a camera. A scanner, therefore, is also a camera. This idea, inspired by David Hockney, is a skill that I have adopted into my own repertoire.

Taken with a HP psc 2400 Series scanner.


The Shoe Polisher

The light was exquisite. His glare, assertive. When I asked if I could take his photo, a subtle nod was his reply. His emotions were as cold as the cobblestone beneath his feet.