The Ring

The countless hours spent preparing for this decisive moment will soon be shattered to oblivion. The stark flavor of blood transfused with salty sweat gently sails into the crevice between his lips. An awkward gap now resides where an off-white tooth once stood. A stamp of dark blue ink is imprinted upon his right eye socket by the pulsating red glove of the opponent. Angrily, the tendons of his arm suddenly burst like a cannon, and he delivers a spritely uppercut that crunches the filaments of his rivals’ protruding nose, like a boulder that wallops a tree of corral.



My most recent photo book. I included a wide variety of images, while still trying to maintain the common thread between my photographs. This is my fourth book, and I can't wait to continue creating more as I progress in my passion behind the lens.


Quivering Blades

An eternity wasted, drenched in hopeless nothingness, longing for comfort and solace. In the room filled with charcoal shadows and desolate space void of light, the sound of quivering blades punctures the silence. His limbs and joints ache as the veins in his back firmly graze the spinal cord. From the innermost realms of his mouth, near the molars, the taste buds keenly pick up the pungent taste of cloves. A high-pitch mechanical buzz grows in decibels, until finally – a burst. For the first time in ages his irises see light. A phosphorescent, whimsical entity descends like a feather from the blackness above, entering into the light. It is sustained in mid-air by the quivering blades. The fantastical being overtakes his restraint and he reaches out with his hands to confirm its existence, as well as his own. Just as the tips of his fingers reach the ghostly specter it dissolves into snow, and the light recedes behind the curtain of opaque permafrost. 


The Death of Creativity

Societies all around the hemisphere of the globe are in a continuous battle against time. You are trying to meet deadlines every day, be it for work or for your personal agenda. Walk into any bookstore today and you'll notice a genre that is relatively new: time management. Often it seems there just 'isn't enough time.' The true reason many people feel this way is because we've become wealthier in the past couple centuries. When the standard of living increases, our time-preference rate also increases. The opportunity cost of doing anything has sky-rocketed. The reason you'll have a difficult time finding that bookstore I mentioned earlier also has to do with this increased time-preference rate. People don't see value in consuming such magnanimous doses of literature like their forefathers would. Instead, the modern man prefers to listen to an audiobook while commuting or exercising at the gym. Some call it productivity, others label it ADD. What effect does this have on art and those who create it? Overall, the quality of art that is produced in this high-speed world stoops to an all-time low. Most people can no longer enjoy a leisurely walk to the art museum on Sunday afternoon and nonchalantly imbibe each piece of work. Instead, people walk briskly past the museum as they check their Instagram feed.