Sunday Afternoon

As I was walking around the Four Seasons Hotel, I was trying to capture the essence of it, namely, its grandiosity. Although this is just about half of the hotel, I think it does justice to the tremendous hotel.


The hummingbird is a unique creature. These angelic birds seem to hover to and fro, never causing anyone harm. Although these little animals are usually really timid, they can be tamed to a certain degree. If you put a hummingbird feeder filled with nectar right by your window, keep your eyes open for a little visitor.

As I was walking on this trail right by my house, I noticed this little hummingbird watching me from a tree branch. His interest in me was overtaken by his addiction to nectar.


Muses of Nature

Why is it that so often when we look at elements in nature our imaginations wander and we begin to see things that are not really there? For instance, people gaze up at the blue sky accompanied by white fluffy clouds and imagine them to be a small dog or the face of a loved one, or some other figment of their imagination.

Within the frame above, my mind chisels out dozens of figures (faces, animals, designs, etc.) from the rocks. As an artist, I draw a significant amount of inspiration from nature.


Welcome Home...

A mysterious, locked door. Built in the early 1900''s, this once-attractive cottage is now fading away, almost as quickly as our memories of the past.


Inspiration Point

Hiking is an interesting sport. Sometimes you feel like passing out and just giving up, and other times you feel like king of the world. Personally, I find inspiration and motivation whenever I come across sweeping vistas, grandiose panoramas, and other  tremendous sights. Going on hikes really puts everything back into perspective for me, and I realize how puny I am compared to the grand scheme of it all.


Stars & Peace

What's the most effort you've ever put into a single photograph?

One  of my most hard-earned images is this one. Out of a dozen or so I took late at night, amidst sub-32 degree weather, this one stuck out to me most. I subtly portrayed 3 different light sources in this photography: the lights from inside the house, the illuminated green forest in the background, and the myriad of self-illuminating stars. Stars are fascinating; so distant and isolated, yet constantly they radiate so jubilantly and brightly.

A Dog's Delight

Lately I have been dwelling on an interesting concept: people can use cameras to create images that are otherwise impossible for the naked eye to record. For example, the photo above of my dog Baci is a sliver of time that is unobtainable via sight. The human eye is far more spectacular than cameras in every other way, but the fact I mentioned above is one of the only assets that cameras have over the eye.This is the power of photography.



A couple of my favorite images from a photo-shoot with the Young family.Sam enjoying grass half his height.There is something really special about young kids; the worry-free and lighthearted spirits of kids is often rejuvenating. There is something special about people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6. After all, they are the ones that are closest to Heaven.


Shattered Reflections

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is this eerie, old, abandoned house which is concealed by years worth of unkempt plants that now surround it. Although I have not yet had the courage to go there at night to capture ethereal images, I know I need to do it soon, if ever, because this house is more and more damaged every time I visit it. People have been vandalizing this antique & dread-filled  cottage; this is one of several shattered windows which used to complete the house.


Casa Esperanza

Sometimes symmetry is unnecessary. This idea is depicted by this building. However, the architect designed this highly asymmetrical building in such a way that does not make it look sloppy. Asymmetry adds interest. An example of this statement is the human face; human faces, in fact, are slightly asymmetrical, thus making them more interesting.