We were given:

2 feet, with which we leisurely travel the world.
2 legs, with which we hastily escape from danger.
2 arms, with which we work.
2 nostrils, through which we breathe in the myriad of aromas which life brings.
2 eyes-the gateways of understanding- through which do most of our learning.
1 tongue, with which we tear down our loved ones or talk about meaningless things; 1 tongue: a river, whose spring is the heart.
A single mouth, which does the most good when it is closed tightly.

And yet, we were given:
2 ears, the single part which is incapable of output, only of receiving decibels. Eyes are like the barrel of a rifle, through which the gaze is fired; nostrils exhale what was once inhaled. But the ears cannot exude anything. Quite interesting, if you really think about it.

Notice that most of the parts listed above are in pairs, but not the mouth. To me, this means that we need to see, listen, and breathe before we speak.

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