Inputs and Outputs

Ever since the dawn of time, the older generation has been warning the youth to watch what they put in their mind, as it definitely impacts our psyche and sticks in our mind, whether we realize it or not.
Similarly, artists are heavily impacted by the art they see, whether at the museum or on the iPad. I've noticed in my own life as a photographer that when I am looking at lots of a certain type of art for a given amount of time, its repercussions subtly come to the surface within the images I create.
It seems to me that when I briefly look at a picture(s) before I leave for a photoshoot and catch its mood, composition, perspective, etc., the images I capture on the shoot tend to have some of the similar qualities as the one(s) I looked at earlier. I have also noticed that the type of music I listen to while editing photos has a slight influence on the way I edit. For instance, while editing a batch of images for a client, I was listening to the album "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" by Bright Eyes, which has some pessimistic and sad (Yet enjoyable) songs, and after I finished I realized that the edited photos resonated the mood of the songs. I'm not superstitious or anything, and as far as i know there hasn't been any studies done on whether or not one artist's work directly influences a separate artist subconsciously or not. These are simply my observations. :) And I hope they have been thought-provoking and interesting for you.

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