How To Find Peace

It seems everyone in our world today is trying to find inner peace. Actually, this is no new thing. Humans have longed for such an ideal state of being since the beginning. And yet modern culture seems to be moving us towards the polar opposite of tranquility. Perhaps peace is no longer attainable, and is only present on the face of tombstones.

 If humans are incapable of grasping and retaining inner peace until the afterlife (Wherever or whatever you may believe that is), then we must hunt for entities on this planet that are capable of embracing solitude. Three such entities that come to mind include Nature, animals, and children.

Studies show that petting a dog lowers your heart rate, thus causing ones body to relax. I believe that when a person stands within the deepest depths of Nature's bosom, and breathes in the fresh, pure air produced by the surrounding trees which so delicately envelop, we brush up against true, authentic peace. There is something about being in Nature that just puts our minds at ease, reminding us of what's important in life.

Although children aren't always viewed as the most peaceful of creatures, there is something about their careless- yet not apathetic - outlook on things, and the sheer curiosity which seems to lead their lives. It could be that children are more innocent than peaceful. Kids have not been embittered by this world. They are like a freshly washed napkin free of blemishes.

Most people would agree that the longer one lives on this cruel planet, and relentlessly battles with time, the colder ones soul becomes. We are like fish in a pond, aimlessly flopping our fins every which way, slightly aware of some superior being who resides above the surface. The truth is that behind every morsel of food, a rusty hook just may be waiting for us. There is no distinguishing one from the other.
At times there seems to be little difference between good and evil in these murky waters in which we float...


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