Utility or Friendly Façade?

Gift-cards, pleasant as they may seem, are one of the more hotly debated topics when it comes to gift-giving. While some argue that they are impersonal and don't truly profess one's kinship to the receiver, others claim that they are just as personal as an actual gift.

Well I am bringing a third opinion to the table. From a utilitarian perspective, gift-cards serve little to no purpose at all. They are simply a substitute for the ugly alternative called money. Money seems to me to be the most impersonal gift out there. While none of us are going to complain when we receive cash as a present, there lacks a personal signature when we give money. There is nothing about a fifty-dollar bill that reminds us of grandmother. These Federal Reserve notes are the same impersonal means with which we go about our day to day lives, exchanging it with strangers for the goods that we desire. Gift-cards are simply money in disguise. They serve the exact same purpose, except for your potential locations at which you can buy things has been severely narrowed down. How thoughtful.

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