Drain Your Batteries

As a technological enthusiast and a well-rounded human being, I feel that it is only proper that I should be a good steward of the electronic devices that I own. The way I go about doing that is reading and rereading the manuals so that I can make the most of them and become familiar with every knob, lever, and whippersnapper. One priceless piece of information that I picked up recently from a MacBook Pro jock is that the best way to maximize battery life - both short term and long term - is to fully charge the laptop up to 100%, and then keep it unplugged until it reaches the single digits realm. Believe it or not, this is healthier for your laptop than leaving it plugged into the wall all day, everyday.

As I was thinking through this idea, I started to see a correlation between MacBook Pro batteries and the batteries of human beings. The optimal 'lifestyle' for a laptop is to get juiced up all the way to 100%, and then detach from the power source and live unrestricted (a yolo lifestyle, as some would say), giving everything until the energy is gone. Are we as humans all that different? We were created to work hard and play hard. Not to work some while playing on the side, but to whole-heartedly devote ones time, resources, etc. fully to one project. The harder one works, the sweeter his slice of leisure will taste. The best lifestyles are those that are balanced. Know when it is time to plug in and rejuvenate, & when it is time to unplug and let loose.

PS - If you use a desktop computer, I am sorry but the previous information does not apply to you. Send me a message and maybe I'll write a post for you desktoppers out there  ;D

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