The Anchor of Time

     Just as a sailor must bear the mighty power of the seas amidst a treacherous storm, at times we also must buckle down and endure the storms that life brings. Time is like the raging seas on a dark, dreary night; a sailor trapped in the eye of the storm fights with all his strength to stay above the encroaching waters. At some point or another, we are that sailor, surrounded by a world which is being enveloped by busyness. Sailors have anchors with which they can provide their boat a pillar of security.

     Anyone but photographers never comes into contact with an often overlooked tool which acts as an anchor of time. This apparatus is called a tripod. The tripod acts as an anchor of time because when a camera is mounted atop it, time continues to flow on (Just as waves never cease splashing on an anchored sailboat) around the camera, while time becomes glaciated into an image captured by the tripod-mounted camera. Theoretically speaking, there is no limit to how long the shutter in the camera can be open. I often cope with the busy storms of life by indulging into photography. For me, photography is a meditative activity, calming, yet at times thrilling.


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